An Energy Audit is a cost effective inspection and analysis of a home’s energy systems and usage and is one of the first steps you can take to begin to improve the efficiency of your home. Typically an energy audit is conducted to discover opportunities to reduce the amount of energy the home uses without sacrificing comfort. Along with reducing energy consumption an energy audit will also help you focus on improving your comfort, health and safety.

Blower Door Testing

A blower door is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the air-tightness of buildings and to help locate air leakage sites. A blower door system uses a calibrated fan for measuring an airflow rate, and a manometer (pressure-sensing device) to measure the air pressure created by the fan flow. These measurements are used to determine air-tightness of a particular building.

Duct Blower Testing

A duct blower is similar to a blower door except it connects directly to the duct system. It then pressurizes or depressurizes the ducts to find air leakage sites.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography is visible picture that shows differences in temperature utilizing the infrared spectrum. This is a non-invasive investigation tool that is able to help diagnose building conditions and their associated components by identifying shapes, colors, and images in the infrared picture and looking for a change in pattern rather than concentrating on specific temperature differences. Infrared inspections can provide visible documentation of conditions that are otherwise hidden to the naked eye such as air leakage, plumbing leaks, insulation voids and electrical problems.

What to expect from an Energy Audit:

  • Heating system test and evaluation
  • Cooling system test and evaluation
  • Water Heating system inspection
  • Ducting system inspection
  • Insulation and Ventilation inspection
  • Door and Window evaluation
  • Appliance and Lighting efficiency evaluation
  • Duct Blower Test
  • Blower Door Test – Air-Sealing inspection (interior and exterior)
  • Infra-red (IR) scans