Susan Harris – Home Buyer

Dear John,
Your services during our recent purchase of a 17 year old home were greatly appreciated. You were very thorough and yet balanced in your approach. As a person that has been on both the buying and selling end of real estate purchases, I appreciate an inspector that can point out potential mechanical and structural concerns to the buyer while being sensitive to the seller’s perspective, which is still quite personal at that point. Many sellers have worked long and hard to ready their homes for sale. To come in with a “white glove inspection” and criticize and knit-pick minute details is offensive. This only breeds an environment of animosity between the parties that can be very destructive to the sale process. I feel you did an excellent job of providing a sensitive balance.

Lastly, thank you for the extra time you spent pointing out various aspects of the home’s construction and maintenance needs to our son. As a first time home buyer, he found the information to be very helpful.