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You were organized and very effective. The thing I appreciated the most is your honesty and efficiency. It was obvious from the moment we met that you knew your stuff. Thank You! The information allowed us to obtain repairs on the important items by the seller which is what needed to happen. The Safety repairs noted were completed and I feel confident that we have a great house and we know what we are getting. Thanks Again.

John & Douglas Gustafson – Home Buyers

Hi John,
We just wanted to let you know that we’re impressed with the report. The pictures with arrows are a great feature. We also really appreciated being welcome and encouraged to stick around with you for the whole inspection. It was a great way to get to know our new house! Thanks again!

Kirsten – Home Buyer

You were thorough and responded quickly. You took the time to explain more fully your findings. That helped us find the right people to make the necessary repairs and prepare us for our conversations with the seller. I especially appreciate you were willing to come back a second time and inspect the attic which had been closed off on your first visit. Thank you.

Leopoldo – Home Buyer

Hi John,
We’d like to thank you for doing such a thorough inspection of our home. We really enjoyed how you walked us through all the details in the report. We also really appreciated the fact that the inspection almost seemed like a class on home ownership, it was very informative and useful. If we have any home inspection needs in the future, we will definitely give you a call. Thanks so much!

Loren and Teresa Honcoop – Home Buyers

Dear John,
Your services during our recent purchase of a 17 year old home were greatly appreciated. You were very thorough and yet balanced in your approach. As a person that has been on both the buying and selling end of real estate purchases, I appreciate an inspector that can point out potential mechanical and structural concerns to the buyer while being sensitive to the seller’s perspective, which is still quite personal at that point. Many sellers have worked long and hard to ready their homes for sale. To come in with a “white glove inspection” and criticize and knit-pick minute details is offensive. This only breeds an environment of animosity between the parties that can be very destructive to the sale process. I feel you did an excellent job of providing a sensitive balance.

Lastly, thank you for the extra time you spent pointing out various aspects of the home’s construction and maintenance needs to our son. As a first time home buyer, he found the information to be very helpful.

Susan Harris – Home Buyer

I thought that you were very professional and extremely detailed in your inspection and report. You did an excellent job of explaining everything to me and I would definitely use you again and recommend you to people I know needing your services. Thanks again.

Elizabeth Blakley – Home Buyer

I was really pleased with the inspection, it was thorough and informative. Being able to walk through the house with you was extremely helpful. I was able to get a first hand look at the problems you found so when we got the final inspection report I knew exactly what you were referring to. I ended up with a lot of questions as we were walking through the house….it was nice being able to get those answered right away. Thanks for doing such a thorough job.

Stacy – Home Buyer

Thanks again for the excellent job you did for me. I have nothing but positive words to say about your skills and work ethics. I’ve given your card to (my Realtor) and told her to recommend you when others are looking for a very good home inspector. I’m sure we’ll do business together agai

Regards, Jon – Home Buyer

We were very pleased with the work that you did. I especially was impressed with how candid and thoughtful you were in explaining to me what you were doing and what you saw as I followed you around during the inspection.

Thanks again, Ron – Home Buyer

Thanks for the great inspection, we did not end up going through with the sale (due to square footage issues) but would be happy to recommend you or use your services again. Thanks

Holly – Home Buyer

I really liked your communication between myself and our buyers and that you were easy to get a hold of. Your inspection report was easy to read, I enjoyed having the pictures and I especially liked it that you contacted me and the buyers to let us know the main points/concerns of the inspection. This made it much easier to know what to ask the sellers to address.

Jenny Johnson – Realtor

My clients appreciated the customer friendly version of you report. They were able to understand and utilize it fully in regards to their then purchase offer. Thank you for your professionalism…

Mallina Wilson – Real Estate Agent

John’s inspections are always thorough and timely. His reports are professional and complete with many photos. My clients love John, he’s friendly and takes time to explain all the details. When you need a well-rounded expert, call John Wagner, House to Home Inspections.

Anne Inman – Realtor

I have been giving out John Wagner’s name to my Buyers ( along with a couple others) for more than a year. When my Buyers have used House to Home Inspections they have been pleased with John’s professionalism, knowledge and report presentation. John is responsive and supplies the Realtor with a comprehensive report of his findings. John is an asset to the transaction. I can’t stress that one point enough!

Susan McDermott – Realtor

I’ll start by saying I have ZERO negative feedback for you! I am impressed by your responsiveness in getting back to me/or my client after initial contact in a timely matter to set up the inspections. You are personable, and calm in front of the clients – I have worked with other inspectors who prefer clients not to show up until the end of inspection – it’s not easy being followed around and questioned by strangers as you do your job – but you appear to do it with ease. It makes the client feel comfortable and trusting of the inspection process. I find your reports to be very thorough and easy for clients to understand – your photos are great too! I like fact that the reports are available for download to both clients and me in a timely matter.

Lorena Foster – Realtor

John is clear, thorough and personable. My clients particularly appreciate the photos imbedded throughout the report. We enjoy working with John and respect his commitment to due diligence. He inspires confidence.

Colleen MacGilchrist, Realtor

It is a pleasure to work with House to Home Inspections. John always takes time to explain things thoroughly to my clients without unduly scaring them about the condition of their new home. Additionally his reports are very clear and concise — a tool the new buyer — especially a first timer — can use as a “to do” list for the first 3-5 years of home ownership.

Cheryl Ferrier – Realtor